Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The privacy of Mobile online networking

'Online as soon as it happens' is a relatively exhaustive paper on mobile social networking and its privacy implications with regard to the European data protection regulations. As a co-contributor, I suggest you have a look at it and encourage you to share its content:

"The report describes the social networking world and the mobile phone services allowing the users to experience the social networking sites (SNSs) on their handset, also illustrating the major risks and threats connected to their use. While many of the privacy issues originating from the web-based access to SNSs also apply to mobile social networks, there are also a number of unique risks and threats against mobile social networks. The report aims to provide a set of recommendations for raising the awareness of social networks users and in particular of social mobile users of the risks and the possible consequences related to their improper use.

ISBN-13 978-92-9204-036-9

Feb 08, 2010" social networking world and the mobile phone

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